Family Law Attorneys - this is why Smokeball ROCKS!

  • 22 November 2022
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Request for change to displayed information
Smokeball asked for more info to make sure they understood what I wanted
And… DONE!

Ta da! 

The “marriage details” now will display the date of separation as well (so, so helpful in easily referencing the length of the marriage and time since separation!)

Now, hopefully they will also have the decree date soon (as changing a Pre-Decree matter to a Post-Decree causes it’s own problems)


UPDATE: Smokeball DOES now have the ability to change matter types from Pre- to Post-Decree with minimal loss of mapping (employer info & real property details) - but that is minimal and SO HELPFUL instead of using tags… THANK YOU @Josh Hehner for your time & showing me what SB can do!

2 replies

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@Josh Hehner you are famous for being awesome!  

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@Josh Hehner