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  • 18 November 2022
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How do you unlink a word document with a Smokeball matter?  For example -- my current issue is that I am exporting word documents from Smokeball to save on my local network, and the exported version still has the matter linked to it.  Even if I try to save a copy of the document, the original matter is still linked, and I cannot figure out how to (1) remove the link to the original matter and/or (2) change the original matter to a different matter.  

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Hello Paige,

Can I ask why you are saving the document locally?  If you want to disassociate a document with a matter and copy it to use in another Smokeball matter, you need to use the Copy to>Another matter option found on right click.  In the matter with the original document you would right click to copy to a new matter.  


If you need to remove the link to the matter on an exported document for another reason, you would open the document you saved locally and use Microsoft’s Document Inspector to remove the link by clearing all items found.