update on smokeball on Arm Windows

Hi is there an update on how smokeball is expected to run under emulation on the new copilot+ PC'S ro be released on 18th June 2024? Is there any workarounds if it's not running eg via the Web?


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Thanks for waiting for my reply on this one. I’ve done some digging and the short answer is: 

  • It should run under emulation, but we don’t officially support it.
  • ARM compatibility is complicated. 
  • Let me know what features you’re looking for workarounds for and I’ll go digging for you. 

The longer answer - if you’re interested: 

We don’t officially support ARM processors, which will include the Snapdragon chipset used in Copilot+ PCs. It's not specifically about the Copilot functionality but more about the ARM chip architecture that these PC’s run on.

The Copilot onboard AI chip shouldn’t make compatibility better or worse and functions like Recall shouldn’t harm functionality of our time tracking features etc.

Testing is the only way to offer any kind of guarantee, we cannot test yet, so I can’t offer any guarantee. I wish I could!  

To officially support it, we need to thoroughly test all the deep integrations Smokeball has across the various software and chipset layers within Windows systems. This takes time to do well, and we want to ensure we don't let you down by making a promise we can’t keep, even if the majority of our functions work and look like they will continue to work into the future. 

Microsoft is doing significant work to improve cross-compatibility of software like ours with different frameworks and chip-sets. This is making it easier for us write code that runs everywhere rather than the very deep customisation and testing we often have to do at the moment.

If you have particular mission critical features in mind, I can check in about workarounds and web based solutions that we either have live now or are actively developing. Let me know and I’ll go digging for you. 

Hi I managed to answer my own question with a definite YES. I managed to install Smokeball (Triconvey subset) on a Surface pro 11 32gb Copilot+ PC and so far it works well. Billing and Accounting works and picked up all of the right balances & transactions. Speed is good. Excellent.

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I really appreciate the update @Davidleamey! If you end up going with this PC as your daily driver for Smokeball then please flag any oddities that pop up for you as you go deeper into our features.

I’ll make sure they get in front of the team here to take a look at.