Saving statement emails in matter

  • 22 March 2023
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We are new in Smokeball. I sent out a large batch of bills to clients and copied myself on these emails. It was my understanding that these emails, when sent, would automatically be saved into the matters for the bill recipients. I am not seeing them. Do I need to do something in set up? Am I not looking in the correct place? Do they not save automatically? 


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2 replies

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Hi There,


The email invoice emails will not save to desktop smokeball. If you would like them to be tagged, please place a feature suggestion.

One thing that can be saved if you would like them to be saved to Desktop Smokeball would be the invoices, if you go to Smokeball Settings, Time and Billing, Billing Integrations, you can chose to have invoices save to the matters.



You said they don’t save to desktop Smokeball, do they save to the online version? That’s what we are using. Also, I don’t have the option shown to Auto save billing.