I am a careful adopter, but I feel like RingCentral is a great integrated telephone service.   I would like to get some feedback from Smokeball users who have integrated.  


What have been your PRO’s 


What are the CON’s


I have seen some really negative review for small users . . . 


Would love to speak to someone on the phone if they have a moment.




Peter Klose


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I would be interested in these responses as well.  We just got RingCentral 2 months ago.  Thanks.

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Hi Peter,

I don’t have much to offer on RingCentral, but I will say thay I like the features avaible in the VXT integration that RingCentral does not have.


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@KloseLaw Peter: I have been using RingCentral and the integration with Smokeball since 2017. We use a simple workflow in ring central where it rings twice on my desk, then rolls to my assistant for three rings. If she does not answer, it rolls to my voicemail.

The integration with Smokeball works very well. All calls in and out are captured as a Task in activities. The task is actually a time entry, with the phone number of the other party and the minutes of the call.  If the phone number is in Contacts, the name is displayed in the Task entry. If the phone number is connected to a single matter, the Task includes the Matter. If the Matter is active, a time entry is created. Where a Contact is attached to more than one Matter, Smokeball creates the time entry but you must add the correct Matter manually. 

Capturing telephone time has always been difficult for me in other matter management systems. Smokeball integrated with RingCentral makes time entry for telephone calls much easier.