Keyboard Shortcuts/Workflow for Tagging Emails

  • 19 September 2022
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When assigning individual messages to Smokeball matters, one has to click in the Smokeball field (at the bottom of said message) and then select the matter.  Has anyone ever figured out a way to do this without using the mouse?  If so, would you please share what utility/script you are using to do so? 


Best answer by Sara Sultan 20 September 2022, 16:31

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3 replies

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Hello Athar,

I am a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts myself!  If you have not put in a feature suggestion, please do so here.  (I used Ctrl + K for the hyperlink 😁)

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Hi Sara, 

I will be sure to do it. Thank you!


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@atharkhan I also had a chat to @leonzhou who’s a shortcut fiend and also one of the engineers that work on these kinds of things. Just thought I’d close the loop in case there’s anything in his reply to me that helps you out. 

“The only thing that is remotely close to this is that the add-in supports standard Windows keyboard navigation.e.g., click on the add-in bar, then you can "Tab" to the "Browse" button, "Enter" to open it, "Tab" in the opened window and use up and down to navigate the matter list.” 

I also just gave you the Smokeball Power User badge. I know it’s just a few pixels but I hope it shows that we all appreciate you testing out and exploring so much of Smokeball and sharing it back here :)