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  • 31 October 2022
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Has anyone set up workflows for Family Law similar to the ones shown here: Family Workflows – Smokeball Support Hub


If so, would you be willing to share your best practices, or maybe a screenshot of your workflow with the rest of us? 


I am not sure if it is possible to export a workflow.  If it is, I would be happy to share mine with the rest of the community. 


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5 replies

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Hi Athar,

I love this idea, we discussed a thread like this recently internally here in the Au team. Whilst I don’t have any workflows to personally contribute as the Australian workflows are most likely very different, you can export your workflows (and import them!) to share them around.

You can do this by going to the Smokeball settings (cog in the top right), Workflows, right click workflow, export:

I hope this helps

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@Sam Bain -- That’s great!  Is it possible for Smokeball to load some templates in my account?  I am just getting started with workflows so it would be a lot easier to tweak workflows than to imagine them from scratch. An online location to share them with others would be cool too. 



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Hi again Athar,

Yes we definitely have the ability to load of templates into the account, we use the same method I mentioned in my initial reply.

Having a quick look at the article you mentioned, it looks like there are some Family Law workflows you can download directly from there to load into your Smokeball account. These workflows will be specific to your region as well!

I hope this helps 

Anything in particular or any particular stage you’re looking for? I have 13 for our family cases. 

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@atharkhan, I see that you’re also in CA so if you’d like to discuss workflow options and ideas, let me know & I’d love to compare notes. 


While talking with @Josh Hehner today, we came up with the idea of labeling workflows with numbers for different steps, so that they will appear in order of the case process (which is what I was trying to accomplish) instead of alphabetically. 

For example:

1.1 Initial Pleadings - Petitioner

1.2 Initial Pleadings - Respondent

1.3 Initial Service on Respondent

2.1 Preliminary Disclosures

2.2 Initial Discovery Demands

3.1 Initial motions & request for orders


Also, limiting the matter types that different workflows apply to can help with the overwhelming list when applying them to matters.