Export tasks to outlook?

  • 10 August 2023
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Is there a way to take my tasks that are already saved in Smokeball and sync/export them to outlook? 


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5 replies

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Hello Beth,

There is no option to sync tasks to Outlook.  You can export your tasks to a CSV file, but I do not know if Outlook has an import feature.  

I am curious as to why you would prefer tasks in Outlook rather than Smokeball.  Is there a feature available in Outlook’s tasks that you would like us to add in Smokeball?

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@Sara Sultan You can flag emails as tasks in outlook by selecting the “flag” button on each email in the folder view. This creates a task for the email. You can also right click the email and select a flag reminder/deadline date while you are in the inbox view. This allows user to mark emails read while retaining information that email needs follow up as a task. If these “email tasks” were replicated to smokeball then there would be no need to separately handle tasks in Outlook. However, because they are not replicated this is a shortfall in the user experience with Smokeball.

Solution: add a box in the Outlook Email Smokeball integration for “Create Task” to associate a task to the email.

Extra thoughts: Microsoft makes task related apps like Microsoft To Do which can help users review tasks and update short task lists each day. I get bogged down in my smokeball tasks and am currently in a state of smokeball task bankruptcy.

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Thank you as always for your feedback Jonathan! 


@Ian Sperry @maryellen.kellehere @adeleh Jonathan has some neat ideas I thought you might be interested in.

I agree with JKibbler, Integration with any one of Microsoft’s applications that track tasks, i.e., To Do, Planner, or Teams would be appreciated. 

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I was literally logging in to ask if there is a way to quickly convert an outlook email to a smokeball task.  The suggestions I see here are not workable for my need.


I’d like a way to flag an email requiring follow up. Currently, the method would be cumbersome:

  1. Connect the email to a smokeball matter from within outlook.
  2. Switch to the Smokeball app.
  3. Navigate to the Matter tab.
  4. Open the appropriate Matter.
  5. Navigate to the Email tab.
  6. Find the email.
  7. Right click on the email and select “link to task”
  8. Complete the task form and save.

It would obviously be quicker to skip all of these tasks and simply create a task called “Don’t forget to follow up with the email” without a link. Or I could write a note on a piece of paper...but at that point I’m thinking - If I’m using paper to track my tasks, why am I paying for software?