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  • 10 November 2022
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Is there a way to email memos directly from the memo tab without printing them as a pdf and saving them first?


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8 replies


    Great idea! Currently there is not a way to do so, please submit a Feature Suggestion, thank you so much!

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I would like this as well. 

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I have an attorney who doesn’t use the memo function for exactly this reason.  I use it, however, and then link it to a task for directions to staff.  

Assuming that you are viewing this memo from a contact or matter tab; it may be easier for you to:
1.Copy the memo contents
2. Click on the communicate tab in the same window
3. Paste it as a message/sms to your client or colleague 

It is also possible to use the the same process via the email tab in the same window.


Could you please let me know if that solves the problem? I’d love to make this as easy as possible for you :) 

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P.s @DelFoster, @abanders01 and @taylora. If the image above is a little small, just click on it to expand it out :) 

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I view that as a work-around (it’s what I currently do), but it’s not very convenient.

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Let’s see - compare that to writing memo in Word and email file, it is definitely a “work around” and not a “feature”.  Just saying that if I can’t do it in two clicks, then something isn’t right.

Appreciate the feedback @taylora and @DelFoster 

This is of course a workaround for the time being as we are constantly investigating better ways to optimise the smokeball experience for our users to save time and get more work done!