Email Storage Folder

  • 15 November 2022
  • 2 replies

Emails are currently saved into the main “Documents” folder. This creates a long list of emails within the folder.

Is there a way to have emails save into another folder? For example, is it possible to have emails that save into a single user-created “email” folder within the main “Document” folder?

2 replies

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   An option would be to manually create an “Emails” folder in your documents section, you can do this by right clicking in the documents section and selecting “Create new folder”, you will still need to manually move your emails into that folder.

   If you are wanting emails to automatically save to an “Emails” folder, please submit a feature suggestion by clicking this link


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Also we suggest viewing emails in the emails tab rather than viewing them in the documents tab, as it automatically sorts by received and sent and the party they are sent to/from