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  • 6 March 2023
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How do I make it so the Defendant appears on the list when I run it there is a column that says other side but it is blank?


Best answer by JKibler 7 March 2023, 18:02

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4 replies

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Hello Rob,

The Defendant will appear in the Other Side column of the matter list display if you represent the Plaintiff.  If you are representing the Defendant, then Plaintiff will show in the other side column.  If this is not happening, please reach out to support here.


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@Rob Simpson - Based on your post title it appears that you are asking about a custom report based on “Event List”? If so, I have custom report for events which includes “Other Side” and it populates correctly. If Other Side is not populated for you, then I suggest you contact your account manager who could put in a support request to fix the report for you.

FYI custom event list reports can include fields for Judge, Stage, and (I think Tag) as well. My custom report is titled “Custom Docket Report”. I hear that custom reports are in a pool of some kind that can be enabled so I imagine they could just turn mine on for you as well.

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1000 points to @JKibler for reading the title of the post more carefully than me!  

Thanks all yeah "Other side” is blank we will reach out to them.