Client-side confirmation of payment plan installment

Does anyone know if a client receives any sort of confirmation or notification when they make a payment towards their payment plan? We were billing recently and decided not to send bills to clients on a payment plan who have no new activity, but then we were wondering when they would be receiving communications from us about their balance and what that communication would look like. 

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Hello Morgan,

You can use Invoice Reminders to update your client on current amounts due and payments received.  

If you are looking for something different, you can always let me know what you are looking for and I will tag our Product team.

Invoice reminders aren’t really what we’re after because that is a manually triggered process. I’m talking about clients who have payment plans which automatically run on any given day of the month. Their payment schedule not something we want to keep track of, which is the whole point of payment plans being automatic.

Our previous practice management software would send the client an email as their payment was approaching and would send them a receipt for their payment if it was successful. We are hoping Smokeball has a similar feature.

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Thanks for the reply, Morgan.  

I will pass your feedback on to our Billing Product Manager.