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Newer user here.

When posting time, I frequently look at the total number to track work toward my billable hour requirement.  I am surprised that the “time logged” shown on tight hand side of the time chart is total time, not billable time.  Is there any way to make that display default to billable time?  I see the $$ amount there but I have different rates for different matters so that is not as helpful.  I have noticed that I can modify my dashboard to display billable hours, and I have done so, but it would be better in my opinion if billable hours (and billable $$) was included on the chart with “time logged”.


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Hello Monica,


Can you please share a screenshot of where you would like the changes made?  I am not sure what section of Smokeball you are referring to.

In the lower right corner.  Time logged is total time, not billable time.  Would prefer it be “billable” time entries.

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Hi Monica,

Thank you for the screenshot.  I will let the Product team know you think Billable time is more important to show there.  As you stated in your orginal post, you can find this information in the dashboard widgets, but I understand wanting to see it here as well.

Thank you!