How to earn Smokeball badges, ranks and rewards

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Earning badges, ranks and rewards  

There are many ways that we recognise the amazing support of Smokeball community members.

The only way to discover all the possible badges, ranks and rewards, you will need to get out there and create posts, answer questions and help other members. 



There are many badges that you can earn for helping others in the Smokeball community, we’re adding more all the time. Some badges, like the founding member badge  can only be earned if you joined the community in the first month.

Other badges can be awarded at any time. For example the Smokeball Power User badge, awarded to those who have mastered Smokeball. 


The more posts you make and the more questions you answer, the higher rank you will achieve in the community. 

Spoiler- How to earn the Smokeball Genius badge:

One of the highest ranks you can currently earn in the community is the “Smokeball Genius” rank. 

To achieve this you will need to: 

-Reply to 50 conversations

-Answer 20 questions - and have them marked as helpful) 

-Receive at least 10 likes 
-Like at least 20 posts from other members. 



We’re working hard to create some exciting new ways to reward and recognise great contributions from Smokeball community members. Watch this space! 

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