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  • 11 May 2022
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This Community has been set up for Smokeball users to ask questions, share solutions, and connect with each other.

If you're new to communities; read on for some quick tips and tricks that will help you get started! 



This is an international community

The Smokeball community is a space for Smokeball users and legal practitioners from around the globe. 

Different versions of Smokeball for different parts of the world 
Just like our legal systems; Smokeball has different functions that are tailored to the jurisdiction and legal framework in which different legal practitioners operate. This means that some discussions might relate to a part of Smokeball that isn’t available in your area, or has a different name. 

Location specific discussions 

To prevent confusion; we will move conversations that relate to a location specific part of Smokeball to an area that only members from that part of the world can access. You will only be able to see local discussions that relate to your location. For example American community members will not be able to see conversations about Australia specifc parts of Smokeball. If you’d like to see discussions in other parts of the world, let me know in the replies below! 

Signing in to the community via the web

If you signed up to Smokeball via the Smokeball Desktop app, then you will need to create a password for your account the first time you sign in via the web. 
1. Go to the update password page here
2. Enter the email you use to sign in to Smokeball 
3. Create a password - it doesn’t need to be the same as your Smokeball password

Asking questions, starting conversations and topics 

There are two types of topics in the community.
Questions - for when you simply need an answer
Conversations- for when you want to start an ongoing discussion
Both questions and conversations are a type of topic 

You can create a conversation, or ask a question by clicking the “start a conversation” button on the top right of this window or the “ask a question” button that lives on most pages in the community. 

There is no such thing as a silly question
Anyone is welcome to ask a question or start a conversation. All are welcome, no matter how complex or simple your topic might be. 

Pay it forward
If you get a great answer to your question, or if you receive a thoughtful reply to your conversation then please consider spending a moment doing the same for someone else. 

No wrong door
While we do have some particular categories for different discussions; our team is ready to move your post for you. We will also do our best to find the right member of the community or the Smokeball team to give you the best response we can. 

Our guidelines 

We have some guidelines that you can read in detail if you read our guidelines post.

It is very hard to breach the community guidelines so long as you are respectful, professional and are not a spam robot. 

Smokeball community categories and how to use them

There are four categories in the Smokeball community. These are spaces where we group different types of discussions. Here’s a quick summary of the categories and how to use them. 

Start here 
Where new members can learn about how to make the most out of the community in the community guide. Visit the guide section

If you’re a seasoned Smokeball community veteran, then stop by the community news section to get an at a glance update on trending conversations, interesting opportunities and much more. Get the latest news

Smokeball Q&A
Ask questions and get answers! Our team is online to help tackle anything you might want to know about how to use Smokeball; however we encourage and reward those who help each other. This is a community after all! 

There is a General Q&A as well as a section for your specific location in here. If you think your question is likely to be location specific then ask it in your particular area. If you’re not sure, don’t worry. We can always move it for you! 

Ideas and feedback

We’ll let you know about new updates to Smokeball and answer your questions and feedback about those updates in the Product updates section Check out the latest updates

You are also welcome to share your feedback and ideas on how to improve smokeball in the Smokeball ideas section. Please take a moment to respond to requests for feedback from our team while you’re there. Share your ideas now

Smokeball social 

Last but least is our social category. Say hello to other members, ask for some help from other practitioners in your area or start a discussion on any topic of interest in the watercooler, Say hello!


Earning badges, ranks and rewards  

There are many ways that we recognise the amazing support of Smokeball community members. To discover all the possible badges, ranks and rewards, you will need to get out there and create posts, answer questions and help other members :) 

Read more about Badges, ranks and rewards. Learn how to earn rewards



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