Medical Provider's Balances/Liens

  • 18 November 2022
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I am in the process of entering our client’s medical providers and their charges and balances. I have several providers that have balances for our client. However, when I go into the liens and balances screen, all the providers are listed as having a 0 balance. Why is the balance not pulling over to the second screen? What am I doing wrong? I’ve submitted two tickets this morning and have received no response. 

In reviewing the support hub, it appears that I am supposed to manually enter these balances again into the lien and balances screen. What is the point of entering these balances on the medical provider’s screen if they do not carry over? This is a complete waste of my time. 

1 reply

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Hello Zoe,

I hear that you are very frustrated.  Please know that entering into the Invoices section should pull into the Liens and Balances tab.  Any time that something does not work as expected, please reach out to our Support team to investigate.  You can put in a support request here.  I see in your post that you have already submitted two tickets (thank you).  I put a note in on the tickets for someone to reach out, although it looks like Jeff did try to contact you once.


If you would also like to set up some time to go over the Medicals and Settlements layout with a trainer, you can sign up for some time here.