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  • 12 September 2022
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I use Litera Compare, and there is no direct integration with Smokeball to my knowledge.  My documents by default are stored locally for offline use but I cannot find the location of the documents outside of Smokeball to run comparisons.  

In the alternative, if there is a way to save a document sent outside of smokeball as a version of existing document, then I can use the version compare feature.  Is there a way to do this?


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3 replies

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Hello Brian,

There are two ways to compare documents in Smokeball.  You can choose to compare two different versions, in the Version history of a document, or you can select two separate documents, right click and compare.  Both use Microsoft Word’s Compare feature.  Does this help?


My apologies, I am referring to pdfs

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Hello Brian,

Thanks for the clarification.  No need to apologize, I should not have assumed!  If you are using the Downloaded version of Litera Compare you will need to Export the files from Smokeball to a local drive to do the comparison.  If you are using the online version of Litera Compare, you can use our Publish Online feature to send the document from Smokeball to the website.