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Rethinking Culture + Hiring After the Great Resignation

  • 15 September 2022
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Rethinking Culture + Hiring After the Great Resignation
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Members of the great resignation are hunting for the flexibility and balance that firms like yours can offer. This is a great opportunity to attract talent that in the past would have been snapped up by a big brand corporate firm. 

Chat to an expert about how your firm can make the most of the great resignation. 

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@Jordan Turk will join us after her webinar to answer your questions about hiring and culture in small firms. 

  • Do you need to know if your salary offering is competitive? 
  • Are you having trouble staying connected with your remote team?​​​​
  • Would you like to try outsourcing to virtual assistants?

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  • The ethics of law firm recruiting, interviewing and hiring
  • How expectations around work have changed for the legal profession
  • How law firms can hire their top choice for a role - every time
  • The effects of specific technology on firm culture

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