• 1 August 2022
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Hey! I am wondering how other firms label/note when certain clients have settled and other clients are still in active litigation. I have been editing the descriptor, but I was curious if there is a better or more clear way for everyone in the firm to know who is settled without have to click through a bunch of drop downs.


Best answer by Sara Sultan 2 August 2022, 18:02

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Hi Carrie,

Can you give me some more context?  Is this a Personal Injury matter?  Civil Dispute?  How many Plaintiffs and Defendants?

Hi Sara,

Yes, this is Personal Injury. We have case with up to 4 Defendants and Plaintiffs. Some are our clients and some are not. For example, I have a case that has 4 Plaintiffs and 2 are settled, but the other 2 are still active. Sometime Co-Defendant settles ahead of us and we need to know if we need to include them in coordination email, etc. If the Defendant or Plaintiff is a business entity (i.e. insurance company) I am not able to add the label as a legal descriptor.

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Hi Carrie,

Thank you for the context.  I don’t have a great workaround for this at the moment other than pinning a sticky note widget on the right explaining which parties have settled.  I am going to bring this up with the Legal Product team.  You can always put in a Feature Suggestion as well.